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In the age of electronic calculators, people are finding it difficult to add or subtract simple numbers by their own brain efforts because brain is loosing capacity to retain short time memory.
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A body with weak brain is likely to cause disturbance in family life even the divorces.



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Daily Exercises to test your memory will Sharpen Your Mind and Boost Brainpower


Gadgets for a guest book and hit counters

These gadgets remember the URL of the page that contains it and starts displaying number of page views for that page only. No registration required. You can even copy the counter script from page source of this page. Similarly, you can even copy it from any other user's web page too and paste it to your web page. It can be used for your blogs too. You can see visitor details for past 100 hours showing their country name, IP address, time of visit and location on Google Map,


    Are you using google sites    

Click here to see the list of sites of other people using these counters 
Your site will get included in the above list the moment you will add any our hit counter
Click any shape shown below to get code for many other style of counters

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Get more traffic for your website with no fraud tricks
It is free. No registration required

Steps to include Gadget for your guest book



It is very simple to use. It is specific for any web page that contains it. You can test it by clicking on the button. When you will click the button, you will see a guest book entry form along with guest entries by other users. On top right of that form if you will click on [ RETURN ], you will return back to this page. Similarly it will return to your web page that will contain this guest book module. If you will like to test it, please enter some message for testing purpose only as other users will be reading your message. NO ADULT OR HATE MESSAGE PLEASE. You can use it for your blog or websites.

We cannot monitor or review the content entries in these guest books and we do not accept responsibility for the contents. In case you notice any unpleasant messages in the guest books linked to your webpage, blog,  iGoogle page or any electronic media, you should delete the data or remove the guest book links from your page.   Also, if it is against Disclaimer notice, please remove the gadget from your page.  

Guest Book
Click on the above code, copy and paste the code into any web page.

Click on the above code, copy and paste the code into any web page

You can use any other image as guest book button of your choice. Use your own image source for src of the code.
You can replace line "Guest Book" by any other text of your choice.

If you will like to have a control to delete any guest book entry. Get registered to store your password Use your registered name as shown below. After you copy the code in your webpage, replace rishiraj with your registered name. Procedure to delete any guest book entry is explained in the guest book entry form that you will see during operation of your guest book. 

Example showing  use of user name

<a target="_blank" href=""><img border="0" src="" ></a>

You can also display latest guest entries along with guest entry button
To get code for above sample, click below on the code shown, copy and paste at appropriate place of your web page. 
You can use any language for title and button.
To get code for above sample, click below on the code shown, copy and paste at appropriate place of your web page. 
  Click here to know why you still see a blank view of any counter on your site?
Click any shape shown below to get code
If you  find difficult to remember 7 numbers,
you need to give attention to your brain health.