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Selected advertisers can directly approach jobseekers.
Any advertisers can advertise vacancies and jobseekers can apply online.
Advertisers can shortlist candidates and dispatch interview e-mails.

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Upload photo for a resume 

If you do not upload a photo for your resume separately, your photo as a user ( if uploaded ) will be used. This option to upload different photos  for different resumes will be required in case a user is maintaining several resumes of other persons by using secondary registration Nos .

In case you know the Vacancy No. to apply, write the No. and submit 

Can submit your job requirement at Classified Ads too

At Classified Ads Section select Job Wanted, Food Cooking, Drivers / Driving, Home Employment etc. Here you will not apply for a vacancy but your details can be viewed by any interested person.




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You are required to enter your resume in the prescribed form.  On submitting the form you will get a Resume No. similar to  "438235".  You will need your Resume No.  to apply for any job in the situation vacant section. You will be submitting only characteristic minimum details of your resume. In the form there is a special field where you can enter a URL address of your web page to show your  complete details, demonstrate your projects, photos related to your awards/education/work experience etc. There are many free sites where you can create your desired resume. Google's Docs & Spreadsheets will allow you to 
create and share documents online and access them from anywhere. 

Once you have created your job profile at this site, you can apply for  vacancies that will be available  at the "Apply for vacancies"  section. Your contact address can be accessed only by  approved organizations or by those which  you will select for any vacancy. 




      How it works ?


The job seekers are required to enter their brief resume under the "JOB SEEKERS " link. They can also link their detailed resume in any desired format.

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The vacancy advertisers are required to enter a brief introduction of their organization under the Classified Ad section. 


The vacancy advertisers are required to enter the details of their vacancy by selecting the option "VACANCY ADVERTISER TO ENTER OR MODIFY VACANCY DETAILS". They will also be required to enter the main email contents that they will like to send to the short listed applicants. They can mention if it will be a walk in interview or otherwise.


On entering the vacancy details, the concerned organization will get an email message to inform them about the Vacancy No allotted to their vacancy advertisement. 



The job seekers can view vacancies by using the option "DISPLAY VACANCIES". They will be able to link their resumes to any suitable vacancies. 


The vacancy advertisers can see the  resumes of respondents  and further short list the applicants. 


The vacancy advertisers  will be able to send automatic emails  to any suitable candidates.


The short listed candidates will receive the email messages as per the action of S. No. 7.


The job seekers can also see the responses for the interviews through the link CALL ALERTS.