Erase Message Details

The message detail at right side of  the button, that you have clicked to arrive at this page, can be removed by any of the two options

Option - I

By delete request from majority 5 users from different IP addresses. If you wish to remove that message detail, click any button shown below. For any negative vote, a red light ( ) will get displayed along with the message details. And a green light ( ) for positive vote.


Please Note: Positive and negative vote will neutralize each other. First 11 votes from each side will be considered. At any moment, if 5 negative votes exceed positive votes, the details will get erased. For 11 negative votes, irrespective of any positive vote, the detail will get shifted to end of file. As maximum 200 messages are preserved, the end records may get erased.


Option - II
By the site owner by using the password and user name. If you are the site owner, please fill the form shown below.

For site owner to delete that entry

  Enter password for Name :  
  Password :

Any site owner using this guest book script can delete guest entry data.
Get registered at to store your password and Replace default Admin name [ rishiraj ] in the script with your registered name.

Get registered at to store your password


 Replace default user name [ rishiraj ] or [ EveryBody ] in the script with your registered name.


  Click here to learn more regarding deletion of guest entry...