Explains steps used to show country name and flag by using IP address location

'' There appears to be no provisions in google maps to get country location from an IP address.
'' For this purpose we can take the help of other sites that provide necessary information.
'' There are many sites that assist to get country details from an IP address.
'' We are using services of http://ipinfodb.com/ to get the required details.

To test this page use http://www.replyat.com/gadgetGetCountryFlagFromIpDetails.asp?I=  where
value of "I" can have any IP address
If you don't provide the IP address by not using "?I=" , it will take IP address of the user.

Steps used to show country name and flag by using IP address

This page uses ASP script to show country name, flag and the location on google map. A study of this script will help programmers develop their own similar gadget


A complete working script can be copied from this txt file

You will be required to use value of Keys for http://ipinfodb.com/  and Google Maps API V3 for your own site.


 You can collect value of Lat Long from a data base and pass these values to HTML file to show location on Google map

       See also >>    How to pass Lat Long to HTML file to show the location on Google map.



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