Mystery Of Invisible God Ⓒ

The earth is the most familiar as well as the most mysterious planet for us. Variety of living creatures are appearing and vanishing at every moment. Every living being is trying to remain alive, trying to prove better to win the heart of some dream partner. All of them seek comforts, enjoyment, food and security. Death is certain. Some die too young. Many die before they could open their eyes and the rest leave this world in a pitiable state. Even the richest or the strongest or the most educated are found to be pleading for more life till their last breath.

The facial expression of a dead person clearly indicates that how stunned he was at that last moment when he was experiencing unexpected unimagined happening. They wanted to cry like a child but felt so chained that they could not even blink their eyes. They surrendered to death after they used up their last grain of energy to take one more breath. They appeared to have felt cheated when they found themselves all alone in the dark to experience the most unexpected shocking incident, which was never told to them. They accepted the defeat as the only alternative. It seems that they didn't die due to ailment but due to their heart failure as a result of mental shock. In the end they appeared to have felt relaxed and cool to see the end of the worst storm.