Create a Classified Ad for car


   Steps To Create Your Classified Ad  

1. Get registered

  Enter your user name and any password to get Reg. No.  After getting registered, if you wish, you can  interact with other users through  messages in a private environment. Receive messages at your email Id without disclosing your email address to messengers.  Use  your registered name and password for other services of this site.  

2. Classified Ad Section

    Place a Classified Ad at this site Or
  Create an Ad page at any other web site to direct users to your Ad page by using Ads similar to shown below:

    If you will like to direct users to any other site, create a simple Name or No for your site URL and use your
      assigned Name or No as shown in the images  above. Assign friendly Name or No to your URL Or
  Create an Ad at this site as explained below:

To place an Ad go to Classified Ad Section, Select an appropriate category for your Ad. Click on "Begin - get Ad. No". Enter your user name and any password to get your Ad. No.  A new Ad No will be displayed on your computer screen and it will also be sent to your email address. You can start entering your Ad details by clicking a link "Click here to enter your Ad details".

  3. Upload logo for your Ad  

You can also upload a logo for your Ad.  If any body will like to see your Ad by writing your  Ad No at the Home page  or along with URL address of this site ( example: www.replyat.com/AdNo  or www.finddetail.com/AdNo ),  The logo of this site will get replaced for every page of this site by your Ad's logo for any visitor visiting to see your Ad.

  Once you have placed your Classified Ad at this site ...  
  Advertise Vacancies View applicants & shortlist candidates   

The logo of this site will also get replaced by your company's Ad's logo if a visitor will visit to apply for any vacancy advertised through your Ad.

  Click here to see how you can advertise vacancies at your site.  
  Click here to see how recruitment system works.  


Assign a friendly Name or No to your Ad. No.

If  ( www.replyat.com/171120169 ) is your Ad link, you can assign any new name or No to ( 171120169 )     Example:www.replyat.com/9811223344 (your mobile no)    
Example:www.replyat.com/4444 ( some simple no ) Or www.finddetail.com/carsale etc.

Assign a friendly Name or No to your Ad No   View your all friendly Names


  And finally Create mini poster for your Ad Create a Leaflet  

You can also attach a google map for your Ad.

Google map can be used to show your office/business location or property sale location etc.

Steps to add google map for your Classified Ad

You can also ....

Submit An Article    Add/Modify Your Job Resume   Apply For Vacancies

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